Hi! I'm an italian girl, my name is Elena ^^.
I write fanfictions and try to draw XD
I like yaoi, ROTG, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry, and so many things I will need an entire day to describe XD
I also like to make cosplays, I hope you will like them and enjoy the tutorial ^^


Jellyfishes I made yesterday. The originals looks a little less rough. I’m satisfied with the first, the second and the third, sufficiently satisfied with the fourth and… well… the fifth… let’s not talk about its cap. I wish I worked on them more, but unfortunately I had only one day, and it wasn’t much for five drawings. Their names:

1 - Purple-striped jelly  (Chrysaora colorata)

2 - Helmet jellyfish  (Periphylla periphylla)

3 - Mauve stinger  (Chrysaora colorata)

4 - Spotted jellyfish  (Phyllorhiza punctata)

5 - Northern sea nettle  (Chrysaora melanaster)

Anonymous asked
That is cute. Even if Pitch made a lot of mistakes, I like the fact that Jack is always ready to forgive him :) After all that isn't his fault if the Nightmares became mad. Will he continue to kill them all like this? :(

Yes, it is ^^ in the end his mistake is always trying too much to help Jack (and I write this sentence because it’ll be important later in the story), not being evil or cruel towards him, so he really deserves to be forgiven. About the first Nightmare there’s a huge surprise, which will be disclosed in the next chapter and definitely solved in chaper 14. Finally, the answer to your question comes in the next chapter, so I prefer not to reveal it ^^ just wait few days and you’ll know everything!

Anonymous asked
Well it seems very interesting. Hopefully Jack will forgive Pitch for having left him alone during these days...

Thank you so much, anon. Oh, yes, he definitely will ^^. As you’ve surely noticed when Pitch found him Jack murmured: “I knew you’d come back”, which means he had always trusted him and knew the Boogeyman had escaped not because he didn’t care any more about him, but because he feared he could hurt him again. Jack surely suffered while Pitch wasn’t with him, but he never hated him for what he had done, so, in his opinion, there’s nothing to forgive: he’s clever and sympathetic enough to understand the Boogeyman flee thinking about his sake, and he loves him enough to be willing to help him, rather than “punishing” him by being bitter about him

Anonymous asked
That's interesting for sure :) That's very cute to see Nightlight attached to Jack and with their similar personalities, that would be cute to see them running together^^ But I wonder. Is Nightlight still a child like in the books or is he older?

Thank you so much, anon, it’s great for me seeing you interested. He’ll be an adolescent, like he is in Sandman’s book (according to Rotg wiki, remember that I don’t read that book)

Anonymous asked
And yes I will like him ;) I wonder how he will interact with Pitch (seeing their backstory together) and Jack too^^ Will Katherine be mentioned?

I hope so ^^. Well, since he’s really loyal to MiM (and owe him a lot because of something happened in the past) he will basically follow his orders and not indulge in what he feels towards them, except for once, when I’ll reveal the special connection between him and Jack. However, since I’m pretty sure you’re curious, I can tell you that he’s really attached to Jack and that he doesn’t hate Pitch. Sorry if I’m not clearer, but I can’t reveal too much. About Katherine I’ll be sincere, I haven’t decided yet: I still have to completely develop the story and see what role she could have. She will surely not physically appear in the story, but I’m willing to mention her, I just need to conceive how ^^ (in short, to conceive her story since the past to now); however, I already have some ideas in mind, I’ll take some time to see if they can work

Anonymous asked
I very love the last chapter :) I'm glad Pitch didn't kill Voluptas like he did for the others, and I didn't expect to see Nightlight so soon :) I like how you made him very loyal to Manny like in the canon.

Thank you so much <3 you can’t even imagine how happy you made me! I put a lot of efforts in writing this chapter, which is really important for Pitch’s development, and your compliments are a beautiful reward. I’m also glad to know you appreciated how I portrayed Nightlight: I like making the characters IC, so it’s a great thing you noticed this detail. He won’t appear often in the story, but he’ll have an important role, so I hope you’ll like him ^^


madamemadness ha risposto al tuo post :Today I’ve tried for the first time softair, I’ve…

UUh! Figooo :D com è stato? dai raccontaaa :D

E’ stato bellissimo!!! Abbiamo combattuto in dieci, otto più due guide, divisi in due squadre, e abbiamo provato un sacco di giochi diversi: difendi la bandiera, conquista la bandiera, avanza oltre la linea nemica, conquista la bandiera e difendila, trasporto vip (che è il convoglio), e alla fine persino trincea, perché nel bosco dove siamo andati è stato costruito apposta un capannone con trincee, sacchi di sabbia e quant’altro! Mi sono divertita un mondo, nonostante siamo rimasti per quasi cinque ore il tempo è volato, infatti non vedo l’ora di riprovare *A*

11 questions

11 Questions from blackreed4

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My questions:
1) Fav Hogwarts lesson? Probably “Defence against the dark arts”, but I’m pretty sure I’d like most of them

2) Fav animal? I particularly love rabbits

3) If you were a mythological creature what would you be? Probably a centaur

4) Fav fairytale/myth? Hades and Persephone

5) Where would you like to live? I love the place where I live, but if I had to change… no idea. Or, to be sincere, too many ideas

6) If you could chose when to live, past or present or future, which one would you choose? Past

7) Which superpower would you like to have? The same of Violet, from “The Incredibles”

8) Heaven or Hell? Hell with a little sparkle of heaven

9) What’s the picture on your calendar today? Since I don’t have a calendar I took a photo from the communal one we have in the kitchen

I like it

10) Last book you read? Little novels by Verga, it’s a collection of his short stories

11) Fav day of the week? Saturday

My questions:

1) Do you like reading? If yes, do you do it often?

2) What is your favourite food?

3) Do you like videogames?

4) Do you have stuffed animals in your room?

5) Tea or coffee?

6) If you could be an animal what will you choose?

7) Are you able to play a musical instrument?

8) What is your biggest fear?

9) What is your favourite flower?

10) How many languages do you know?

11) Sun or rain?

I tag everyone who wants to play this little game. I’ll tag only some of you because I’m afraid to bother people

Today I’ve tried for the first time softair, I’ve been playing all the morning and ASDFGHJKL I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! I wish I’ll be able to do it again soon

p.s. I received an ask, but obviously my internet connection doesn’t work properly and I don’t want to risk losing it while trying to answer, so I’ll do that tomorrow, hoping everything will work!