Hi! I'm an italian girl, my name is Elena ^^.
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I like yaoi, ROTG, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry, and so many things I will need an entire day to describe XD
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Ah I see. Sorry for the very general question. Well for a specific question will Pitch and Jack get married (officially)? (sorry if that sounds odd)

No, don’t worry, it’s just that I can’t sum up everything here, nor reveal every plot twist. No, I don’t think that that sounds odd, but the answer is no: they’ll never get officially married. I can imagine Pitch and Jack getting married, it’s such a sweet picture, but actually I don’t think this really suits their personality, nor my story, so I won’t add this event to the plot ^^

Anonymous asked
Good we would be able to see him/her. ^^ I wonder about the child, how do you plan to make Pitch and Jack handle with raising them up? (Only ask, as Pitch and Jack had been able to take care of loved ones in thier old lifes, and with their personalities too, I guess their parenthood must be special, aren't they?) xD

Oh, yes, sure, but I really don’t know how to describe it to you XD. You know, it’s a pretty generical question and I can’t anticipate all the chapters in an ask, so here’s what I can tell you: Jack and Pitch will raise the child together, they’ll love them, Pitch will be really protective, while Jack will make sure to make them laugh and have fun, obviously at first they’ll have some problems, but in the end they’ll learn what to do and do it properly. Basically they’ll be able to deal with them, and all the problems and bad situations will be due to something else, something which doesn’t belong to their new family, because they’ll be very close. Consider that I summed up a lot, and that I omitted all the frightening and sad parts, because, for now, I want to keep them secret ^^. If you want to ask me something specific feel free to do it ^^

Another beautiful fanart made by HeilyNeko for my blackice fanfiction, “We don’t have to be alone”. I really love this drawing, she perfectly managed to represent Pitch and Jack’s relationship, Jack’s sadness and need to be consoled and Pitch’s feeling towards the Man in the Moon. Amazing
My fanfiction on AO3 and fanfiction.net

Another beautiful fanart made by HeilyNeko for my blackice fanfiction, “We don’t have to be alone”. I really love this drawing, she perfectly managed to represent Pitch and Jack’s relationship, Jack’s sadness and need to be consoled and Pitch’s feeling towards the Man in the Moon. Amazing

My fanfiction on AO3 and fanfiction.net


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I can't wait to see the child :) I can't wait to see his/her appearance and personality. Do you know in which chapter we will be able to see him/her?

Oh thank you so much for your enthusiasm <3 I can’t wait to show them to you! I often think about that moment *-* . However, uhm, you should see them in chapter 20, or something like this. I can’t be more precise because I haven’t written that part yet, and generally I don’t plan too much my chapters: of course I have an organized plot in mind, but I let myself be guided by imagination, and often add little scenes, or change something. In short, I’m both an architect and a gardener, according to George R. R. Martin’s theory ^^

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I badly explained. I meant Pitch was a bit nicer, (or at least toward only Jack and possibly Tooth). But that's understandable. He can't change what he is, he is still the bad side of the world for the balance between good and evil. By the way will we see the child growing up and becoming adult (or at least a teen)?

Aaah, that’s ok, I didn’t understand it, sorry ^^. Yes, you explained perfectly Pitch’s soul. Yes, you’ll see the child growing up! I have a surprise about this that I don’t want to reveal, however I won’t end the fanfiction until the baby starts to (and manages to) accomplish their task, so you’ll have the opportunity to know them properly ^^

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Ah I begin to understand. If I well understood, Jack never got jealous of anyone yet, as the Guardians only wanted to comfort Pitch in their own ways. That's understandable (and I like how North and Pitch's scene in the bath^^) Btw I wonder. (Don't know if that's a spoiler or not). But as Pitch softened and became nicer, will there creatures (like shadows more malevolent creatures) intervene in the story? I know that's a odd question as they already have an enemy but just ask.

Oh, sure, there’s the bath scene ^^ I didn’t talk about it because North didn’t cuddle Pitch, but massaged his back in order to heal it, but it suits the matter we were talking about. Yes, you understood well: Jack never got jealous of any specific person, he just feared he wasn’t enough for Pitch.

Slow down, slow down XD Pitch has become a little nicer with the Guardians, but he didn’t soften at all: he still enjoy his work, he still gets angry for nothing and he still tends to overreact. Just wait until this evening, when I publish chapter 8, and you’ll see him. However, after that he will struggle to refrain himself, but in chapter 20 (or a chapter near it, since I haven’t write it yet I can’t be sure) he’ll get carried away and he will attack someone, and, believe me, he’ll be terrible: I think that this is a clear demonstration he didn’t really soften. However, your question remains, and here’s the answer: no, I don’t think I’ll put malevolent creatures in the story. The greatest and most important enemy is the children’s loss of belief in the Guardians; moreover, consider that Pitch sees the Man in the Moon as an enemy, so there’s really no need to create other enemies: it would just divert the attention from the most important things. I may create some malevolent creatures who will try to harm Pitch and Jack’s baby, but I haven’t thought about it yet, and, if I do it, they’ll be secondary enemies, and last for a short time

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i swear pansexuals are everywhere this is great XD

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So Jack wouldn't mind as long as it is Tooth? However he seemed to be jealous when Pitch lightly "flirted" with Bunnymund, wasn't he? :)

He wouldn’t mind as long as it’s someone who does it only to make Pitch feel better, both physically (by medicating his wounds) and psychologically (by cuddling him a little when he’s weak). In short, he doesn’t care about who is, he cares only about what intentions they have, because he gets jealous only if there’s a good reason. I understand that, since she’s really effusive, Tooth seems to be the only one who does this kind of things, but actually that’s not true: do you remember chapter 20 from “What goes together better than cold and dark?” ? In the final part Sandy made Pitch fall asleep, and before he did it he cuddled him a little. Moreover, in chapter 13 from “We don’t have to be alone” I’ll reveal that similar moments happened after that. I never pictured North cuddling him because I can’t see him doing so, he’s too discreet in my opinion (since he’s old, huge and stern but he has a big hearth I can imagine him giving mainly psychological support). I won’t talk about Bunnymund because I’m sure you already guessed the reason why he’s not like cuddling him.

Ah, what a good question :) yes, Jack got lightly jealous when Pitch faked to flirt with Bunnymund, but because the situation was pretty different from how it is now. First of all Jack have been with Pitch only for two months or less and he had met him few times, so he wasn’t sure to know him completely, and, in particular, to be enough interesting for him (remember that Jack wasn’t able to read and was far less cultivated than Pitch, and, even if Pitch never considered him ignorant, Jack felt like he was); then, Pitch still stiffened when they cuddled each other, and, even if Jack knew it was all due to his shyness, he couldn’t help but thinking he wasn’t satisfying him; finally, Pitch had never met anyone except for his lover, and Jack couldn’t certainly guess how he would have behaved. In short, he still feared he was only a toy for Pitch, and that he could get tired of him and leave him. Remember that Pitch hadn’t evoked Behemuth yet, nor taken the almost deadly blow to protect Jack. I hope this answer satisfied you ^^

p.s. A little clarification for you and everybody. Jack has never been jealous of Bunnymund, because he had understood Pitch had “flirted” with him only to frighten him and make him run away: he feared Pitch could leave him for anyone else

Anonymous asked
I don't know why but every time I saw Pitch and Tooth getting intimate in your story (like the scene where they almost share a bed^^) I wondered how Jack would react if he walked up on them. ^^

Oh, he wouldn’t get angry at all, or, to be more sincere, he doesn’t get angry at all, because, even if he doesn’t always know when they get “intimate”, he’s aware they occasionally do it. He trusts Tooth, because she always showed all her support to their relationship and even helped them to overcome some bad periods, he trusts Pitch, because he proved many times he cares about him, even risking his life to save his, so he’s sure that none of them will ever betray him. Actually he’s even happy to know they spend some time together, because he’s aware that his own presence is not enough for Pitch to become more social and learn how to behave, and he’s grateful to Tooth for all the times she cuddled his lover when he couldn’t, because he knows the Boogeyman is not able to forgive himself when he does a mistake. Thank you for the ask, I think it was a clever question and I liked it a lot

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