Hi! I'm an italian girl, my name is Elena ^^.
I write fanfictions and try to draw XD
I like yaoi, ROTG, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry, and so many things I will need an entire day to describe XD
I also like to make cosplays, I hope you will like them and enjoy the tutorial ^^


Chapter update

My friend needs more time to check the translation of the seventh chapter. She says she’ll manage to do it on Tuesday, so I should be able to publish it on Tuesday evening. I’m really sorry for the late, readers. Of course I’ll use this time to go on with the translation, in order to finish it as soon as possible (probably tomorrow) and give it to my friend in no time

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Aside of your story I have a question: If you paired Tooth with someone, who would it be? :)

I would definitely pair her with Pitch. She, the loving and motherly Guardian who’s so effusive and who can deeply understand people, and he, the gloomy and hot tempered King of Nightmares, who’s so secretive and who needs to be understood: they perfectly match, each of them able to offer what the other lack, and each of them able to soothe the more marked faces of the other’s personality. I can already imagine them, Tooth during the day annoying him, teasing him and trying to make him socialize and be gentle while Pitch dodges her kisses and pinches and grumbles all the time, and Pitch during the night sneaking in her bed, hugging her and caressing her feathers while Tooth cuddles him and makes him fall asleep and rest serenely. Can you picture Tooth in the bedroom I described in chapter 6, laying on her round bed and petting Pitch while he mildly snuggles against her breast and hugs her waist? It’s such a perfect vision, in my opinion. And Tooth would be the lady, while Pitch would be gentle and respectful, albeit a little whining during the day, because I can’t imagine him being different than this with her. In short, I love Cavity, and that’s why I put many special scenes with them two alone in the fanfictions: I think there’s something special between them. I’ll be sincere, I’ve been thinking for a long time to write a Cavity, and I’m pretty sure I’ll do it as soon as I have enough time, but I’ll write only a one shot: they’d deserve a complete story, but I can’t do it, so I’ll make a little, but not so little, tribute to this pairing I love so much

frostydream ha risposto al tuo post :Brace yourself

YOU THINK X’D X’D X’D Yes, I wrote your name! I suppose you can’t read anything else, so here is the original text:

"Ciao, Alina, ho un messaggio speciale per te: adoro i tuoi post, mi diverti sempre a guardare il tuo blog e divento felice ogni volta che scopro che mi hai scritto! Spero di riuscire presto a tornare su Skype. Buona giornata!"


"Hi, Alina, I’ve a special message for you: I love your posts, I always enjoy scrolling your blog and I get happy every time you leave me a note! I hope I’ll manage to be back on Skype soon. Have a nice day!"

Hope you had fun XD

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Name: Elena
Birthday: 23rd of March
Favorite color: Cold colours, I don’t have a favourite

Lucky number: 3
Height: 174 cm 
Talents: writing , cooking , doing many things at the same time, playing videogames, driving properly
Last dream you remember: It was a really confused dream. It started with a recurrent vision, which was a group of people happily doing a tour in the amazon forest and then being attacked and tortured by Indios, then I was pregnant, then I discovered I had not forgotten the contraceptive pill, so the belly magically disappeared, then my house was moved into a smaller garden with a swimming pool and three of four men tried to get in to steal my ps3 and I struggled so hard to prevent them from succeeding, oddly I managed to (generally in my dreams I always struggle and fail), but they stole other things

Can you juggle?: No, but I can succesfully kill people while trying to juggle

Art/sports/both: art
Do you like writing?: Of course, I love it!
Do you like dancing?: No, but I have to admit that I had fun when I tried “Just dance”, I laughed a lot with my friends
Do you like singing?: Only in the car


Dream vacation: Ireland, Iceland, Scotland, everywhere I can find cold and beautiful landscapes
Dream guy/gal: someone who can understand me, make me laugh and feel useful, and many other things, but fortunately I already found the perfect one <3

Dream wedding: Uhm, a ceremony in a quiet and beautiful place with all my friends, and please neither speeches or dances

Dream pet: a cat, but basically I’d love any pet

Dream job: Writer!

Favorite song: Too difficult!

Least favorite song: Something I didn’t listen to, because I avoid listening to genres I don’t like
Least favorite album: No idea

Least favorite artist: No idea again


Guys/girls/both: Both
Hair color: Natural red

Eye color: Green
Humorous/serious: Humorous

Taller/shorter: tall

Biggest turn-off: Uhm, bad hygiene, arrogance, stupid quarrels about stupid things

Biggest turn-on: Collarbones, fingers, hands, wrists, feet, ankles, necks, shoulder blades, backs… basically every part of the body. Plus bdsm, bdsm objects (forgive me, I can’t find a better definition), expecially collars, lingerie, stockings, kisses, bites, caresses, … basically everything. I’m a well of kinks


Uhm, I know some of my followers already did this game, but I can’t remember who, so I won’t tag anyone, but, please, feel free to do this game and tag me if you want to!

Brace yourself

I got tagged by frostydream! I had already answered the questions you made me, so I decided to do something different. If anyone manages to understand what I wrote I’ll give them a cookie. Obviously I wrote in Italian, you know, I’d have made a huge mess if I had written in English, but the alphabet is the same, so you can recognize the sequence of letters. Oh, sorry, I wanted to say “you SHOULD”. I’m already laughing


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Ah I just wondered if it would make an effect about the pregnancy. By the way do Pitch and Jack will get others mature scenes, depsite Jack being pregnant and soon parents?

Don’t worry, as I always write at the end of the chapters you can ask me whatever you want, whenever you want ^^. Oh, yes, they’ll do! We’ll just need to wait for Pitch to understand that he doesn’t risk to hurt the baby and that Jack wants to make love with him (and, believe me, since he’s pregnant Jack will be often horny when he recovers from the initial shock), and there will come the mature scenes. I will surely describe in detail their first intercourse during pregnancy, which will be really important, and this will probably come in chapter 16-17; then I’ll insert another intercourse, which will be as important as the first one (but I won’t tell you why! XD), but not too much in detail: I’ll describe the starting, while I’ll narrate the end as a flashback, like I did in chapter 18 of the prequel; finally, I’ll include some little scenes, not really mature, but surely sensual, here and there in the fanfiction. I didn’t plan anything else about mature scenes during pregnancy, and all of them will be really sweet and soft, albeit sensual. Of course, when Jack will give birth to the baby, they’ll start to have harder intercourses again, and I prepared a little surprise to all of you ;) well, many surprises, but one in particular! Hope you’ll like it ;)

Anonymous asked
HA I just wondered about it. That's good you left the readers questioning about it. :) But now I am afraid for the baby as Jack went to a kind of rave-party and tasted some drugs so...I wonder if it would affect something there? :(

Glad to hear you liked how I organized the plot ^^. Oh, no, dear, don’t worry! Cocaine doesn’t work when you eat it. Obviously, if you eat some spoonfuls of it, you won’t feel good at all, surely throw up and even risk to die, but Jack tasted only a little quantity of it: few grains, to be clearer the speck you manage to pick up when you sink your fingertip in powdered sugar; of course consider that Jack didn’t sink his finger too much, because he didn’t want to be seen, so he made sure not to leave a print in the powder. Moreover, you also have to consider that, in my fanfiction, spirits are not as sensible to drugs and substances which alters senses as a human being, so he’s perfectly well, and the baby, too. He and Pitch thought he threw up because his mind and body had been stressed a lot by loud music and flashing lights and because of the joints’ smoke, but actually he vomited only because he’s pregnant

Anonymous asked
I loved the two last chapters :) I like how you portray Pitch and Jack together, and alone. Poor Jack, I guess that isn't easy for him to be pregnant. That's a good thing you made by making Jack rejecting the baby first (which is understandable) but will he eventually love it? Btw if Manny is the one who brought the baby, so that meant he is the father instead of Pitch isn't he?

Dawww, thank you so much *///* this night I’m blushing so much I think I’m going to burn! Better if I answer *///*

Yes, pregnancy isn’t easy at all for him :( First of all he didn’t plan it, then it was imposed to him in an abrupt and rude way, then it’s making him feeling bad both physically and psychologically: there are tons of other reasons, but basically he’s a free spirit who’s forced to renounce to his carefree life and bear a huge burden, and obviously he can’t accept this fact without struggling, or suffering. Oh, consider also that he’s afraid about Pitch, who he fears will leave him because of the baby, and also about the baby themselves, who he thinks will harm him and will be harmed by him, because Frost is really not able to deal with pregnancy (for now).

Well, I just disclosed this to you, but I’ll be clearer: yes, Jack will slowly start to get affectionate to the baby and, in the end, he will definitely love them. You will be able to guess it already in chapter 10, but I’ll make him say it at the end of chapter 11, and talk about this news in chapter 12 and 13.

Aaand… no, actually Pitch is the real and only father! The Man in the Moon just prepared Jack’s abdomen for the pregnancy and made him fertile, but he didn’t fecundate him: Frost got pregnant only in chapter 2, while he’s having sex with Pitch. Little clues which could have helped you to understand this are the fact that MiM is aware of Pitch and Jack’s relationship, that Jack’s belly disappeard when he woke up in chapter 1 (if he had been really pregnant why would Manny have decided to make him regress like this?), that he asked for gentle sex because he was afraid to get hurt, that he changed his smell during the intercourse, that he felt a pleasurable but strange sensation when Pitch came inside him, that he asked him to came inside himself, that he had a dry orgasm even if he hadn’t strained a lot, that he slept for hours and hours after the intercourse, and maybe something else I can’t recall right now, because it’s late and I’m pretty tired. Of course none of them is a self-evident and irrefutable confirmation that Pitch is the father, but I did it on purpose: I wanted you readers to question yourself about this fact, to have doubts and hesitations and to be inclined to believe to the wrong supposition, just in order to surprise you later. I’ll make Toothiana say that Pitch is the father at the end of chapter 12, then talk about this in chapter 13; I’ll make her explain why she believes that, listing some reasons, all sensible and plausible, and you’ll see the Boogeyman’s reaction to them ;)

Anonymous asked
I LOVED chapter 4 of "We don't have to be alone"!!! Please, may you do a playlist about it? I'm curious!

Another one *///* thank you so much! You made me really happy!

Uhm, I suppose you’re curious to know how crazy I am? Yes, I think so XD Well, you didn’t specify it, so I assume you’re asking the sequence of songs Jack heard while he was in the building. Here it is:

1 - Get your body beat - Combichrist

2 - Electrohead - Combichrist

3 - Scarred - Combichrist

Yes, I know, they’re all by Combichrist, but I can’t help if they perfecly suit the sequences of scenes we’re talking about. I thought about listing also Dreckstück, by Centhron, but in the end I deleted it, and now I’ll explain you why.

As you can see the list is pretty short, but not because I’m lazy: I chose only three songs because Jack, actually, wandered around the building for ten, maximum fifteen minutes, so he couldn’t have listened to a whole playlist.

Why did I choose those songs? If you dare to listen to them you’ll easily understand the reason. The first one (expecially in the last two minutes) is loud, noisy, shrill, but also pounding: something that hits you and dumbfounds you, but whose basses can calm you, if you concentrate enough to grasp them. The second one, well, do I really have to talk about it? It’s just PERFECT for the central scenes: it’s pounding, but not too much, it has both pitches and pealings, it fills the air and surround you, it wraps you in a blanket which prevents you from feeling anything but the song itself, it makes you drown in the sounds and breathe free. If you let yourself go you’ll manage to enjoy it at all, but, if you find it a little noisy, don’t worry: Jack was a bit disturbed by it, too, and that’s why he decided to enter the small room and take a break. Then, there’s the third one: really pounding, slow, even calm in the refrain, but terribly scary.It gives you the sensation that something is heavily marching and destroying everything it passes: the perfect way to accompany the image of the army o boot, all black, all studded, all intent on beating on the floor around Jack and through Jack, in an infernal reality made of something that, in hindsight, he would have preferred not to see.

I hope this was the answer you asked for! If you were looking only for a generical playlist here’s a list of the bands I thought about (and listened to) while I was reading: Combichrist, Noisia (expecially the Devil May Cry soundtrack), Centhron, basically everything youtube suggest you when you open their videos. As you have surely noticed the songs I chose are obviously loud and pounding, but pretty soft for a rave party: they’re not too fast, they have breaks and a voice singing, they’re shrill, but not too acute, they have an understandable rhythm made of more than two notes, and they’re not too long. Something pretty rare in a rave party, in clear words. I chose them on purpouse, because I find them intriguing and bearable, so I thought it could happen the same to Jack: if I had chosen the more usual ones I’m sure he would have been upset by them, like me, and he would have flown away, instead of following the boys and nosing into the building.

Anonymous asked
Question about chapter 4! You described two posters, the second one was clearly Combichrist's, since you wrote it, but the first one? I'm so curious! What was that sort of code, or drawing? I need to know it!!! And I'd like to see even the other poster, please XD. However, that chaper was AMAZING! I didn't expect it at all, and you managed to wrote it in such a beautiful way! Also to talk about such topics perfectly, I loved how Pitch talked to Jack about raves and drugs and such

Aaah *///* thank you so much! I’m glad to hear you liked it, expecially the way I wrote about that kind of things: you made me really happy! And blush a lot. Better if I answer XD

The first poster is the Noisia’s:


As you can see it’s exactly how I described it in the chapter, and actually it simply consists in the band’s name, but the writing is not easy to understand for a person who’s just learnt how to read, so Jack didn’t manage to and saw only a series of white and strange squares, “some wider, some narrower, some with rounded corners, lined up to form some kind of code which was completely meaningless to him”.

And here’s the second one:


Unfortunately I can’t find the one with the band’s name, too, but here you can see its logo: clear and easy to read, isn’t it? Just imagine it pasted on the lower part of the image.

Capitolo tredicesimo di “Non dobbiamo essere soli” pubblicato!

E si ringrazia la stupida connessione per essere morta per due giorni senza apparenti motivi

cianethedevil asked
May I ask for pregnant Jack Frost from a scene of my mpreg blackice fanfiction? Jack is nacked, laying in a bed, his back against some pillows; his belly is not so big (about a 3-4 months pregnancy) and he's holding it with a hand and caressing it with a touched expression. To be sincere a blanket covers his legs, but I wouldn't mind at all if you drew him naked. Finally, he has a little jasmine branch stuck on his right ear. Thank you in advance!


here it is, all to you.

I hope you like it =)

with this I celebrate my return from vacation

Dear followers, here there’s a beautiful and lovable fanart I requested to agito87! As you can see she’s an amazing artist and she also accepts request, so, if you want to ask her something, visit her blog, I’m sure you’ll love it! About the fanart… does it remind you a particular scene? No? That’s fine, because it’s taken from chapter 12! Consider this a little preview, within a month I’ll reach it and you’ll finally be able to know what happens ;)

Agito87, thank you again: I do love it! Jack is so sweet, his pose so tender, his expression so touching, his belly so perfect: he’s exactly how I imagined him in the chapter.

Link to AO3 and fanfiction.net


A touching fanart made by HeilyNeko for the 6th chapter of my blackice fanfiction, titled “We don’t have to be alone”. I really love this drawing &lt;3
Link to AO3 and fanfiction.net


A touching fanart made by HeilyNeko for the 6th chapter of my blackice fanfiction, titled “We don’t have to be alone”. I really love this drawing <3

Link to AO3 and fanfiction.net