Hi! I'm an italian girl, my name is Elena ^^.
I write fanfictions and try to draw XD
I like yaoi, ROTG, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry, and so many things I will need an entire day to describe XD
I also like to make cosplays, I hope you will like them and enjoy the tutorial ^^


I got tagged!

by frostydream (thank you for the tag!)

Well, I think there’s nothing to say about this…


You see, it’s just a HUGE MESS. But I can deal with it XD and, of course, let’s not forget about Pitch! He will always be on my desktop <3

I’ll tag everyone who wants to have a little fun!

Capitolo 11 di “Non dobbiamo essere soli” pubblicato!

Sei magnifica! :D vieni benissimo nelle foto :D e wow! Facevi nuoto sincronizzato? Che figata!!! :D

Lo giuro ancora e ancora, sono venuta carina perché queste foto sono state fatte tutte da persone capaci X’D sì, facevo nuoto sincronizzato! L’ho fatto per otto anni, quattro per divertimento e quattro a livello agonistico, poi ho iniziato il liceo e ho deciso di smettere ^^


ok so in honor of FINALLY watching httyd2 (which was AMAZING and i am in love with these characters ALL OVER AGAIN) im gonna do some blog-hunting because i desperately need some more animated stuff on my dash

please reblog if you primarily post any of the following:

  • how to train your dragon (1 or 2)
  • rise of the guardians
  • peter pan (original animated or 2003 live action adaption)
  • avatar the last airbender
  • legend of zelda

i’ll follow y’all

Omfg you’re gorgeous, I’m so jealous! You look like a model! I’m not even just saying that either, I’m too mean to give out false compliments ;)

Don’t make me blush please I’m not gorgeous *////*


Jack Frost e Pitch “Hai paura del buio Jack Frost?

Inizio con un lavoro recente fatto in digitale con MyPain, sotto vi ho messo anche le fasi di colorazione.

Spero vi piaccia!!

A fanart made for the second chapter of my blackice fanfiction “We don’t have to be alone” (link to AO3 and fanfiction.net)

OMIGOSH I LOVE THIS, AND IT’S ACROSS THE YEARS WOWWWWW and hey, you look awesome kay? And you ARE photogenic :D

I’m glad to see you liked it ^^ I did it because I know generally people loves seeing how other people looked like when they were babies or teenagers, and I’m happy to know it worked. No, no, believe me, I’m not photogenic at all: I look ten times better in person than on a photo. I don’t know why, but it happens always. You said I’m photogenic only because I made sure to choose the best photos I had XD (I’m not jocking, they’re all taken by professional photographers)

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As I told you I never took a selfie, and, to be sincere, I think I will never do it. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel comfortable with my face, I’m not photogenic at all and I’m not able to take a decent picture, moreover of myself: in most of the photos I feel I’m ugly, fat and dumb, and in a selfie I feel just horrible. In order not to disappoint you and pull myself down for what, in the end, is just a funny game, I took the best picture of myself since I was born:

1 - Six months old. I love this photo, because my hair were still weak and tend to fall while I slept, but I slept only on a side, so in the end they grow up like a crest XD

2 - Three years old. This is a picture a professional photographer took to all the babies of my kindergarten

3 - Seven years old. This was taken during my birthday

4 - Twelve years old. This picture was taken during the Italian Synchronized Swimming Games, which I won with my team. Fortunately I found a photo without make up (you can’t believe how much make up they put on us, we looked like PROSTITUTES), but, as you can see, I’m half covered with the gelatin they used to fix our hair.

5 - Nineteen years old. Here you can see the classic elegant pose of a lady. Few seconds later I grabbed a sword and a shield and I helped my boyfriend fight against two boys.

6 - Twenty-two years old. This was taken in October 2013, during a little con. It seems to be the most appreciated photo of my fem!Pitch Black cosplay

It’s not what you expected, but I hope you had fun watching this photos ^^.

I won’t tag anyone, because I don’t know how you feel about selfies, but if you want to try do it and tag me! I love seeing people’s faces ^^

Anonymous asked
Is Pitch a really crazy jealous lover?

Oh, yes, he is! Just think about what he planned to do in chapter 28, when he thought Bunnymund loved Jack: he didn’t simply want to state that Frost was his, he even conceived and made a trick to make him be banished by the Guardians. Then, he’s also really possessive (and you can understand this almost in every chapter). Fortunately Jack knows how to deal with him and this particular side of his personality, and of course he never cheated on him and will never do it, so generally this jealousy just turns out to be funny ^^. As I said before, in the sequel they will never risk to break up, nor to have rivals in love



lyrium-burned ha detto: I FUCKING LOVE ASSASSINS CREED! FRIEND! -laughs and mauls you-}}

I know! I remember you can’t wait for AC Unity, and I can’t wait, too! I planned to buy it in March, together with a PS4, and I hope I’ll manage to!

-laughs- I’m doing the same thing. It’s one of the reasons I’m buying a PS4. I will make sure to post no spoilers for you! Getting it in…November? -checks- Yes. November.}}

Don’t worry, I’m never bothered by spoilers ^^ let me know if you enjoy it!

We bela sempre a incolpare mi !! Sei tu ke hai poca concentrazione e ti fai distrarre facilmente !! 😝

No you banana you can’t understand the pain of having a fucking labirint of pipeline and holding tanks and valves and pumps and turbines to solve and seeing watermelons dancing and singing in them. U CAN’T. However, since I passed it, I should thank you… no, it’s better if you pray for me for the oral part XD